Switching Internet Providers

Thinking of switching Internet Providers?

UK based Internet Providers offering Fast-Speed Internet Connections

I.T.S Telecom is a reliable internet provider based in the UK, offering excellent broadband services on a local/national basis.

As part of our comprehensive business communications service, we can help you to benefit from better connections at better rates. But why should you switch to us?

Why Switch your Internet Provider?

There’s plenty of key reasons why you would consider changing your internet provider. Whether you have received bad service, your connection is poor, or you are paying ridiculous prices, we are sure we can assist you moving forward.

When you switch your internet to I.T.S Telecom, you can benefit from the following:

  • Extra Support
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Lower Costs
  • Range of Packages
  • Better Security
  • Faster Internet Speeds

I.T.S Telecom are here for you when you need us most. We will never leave you hanging and will gladly answer any questions you have relating to the internet we provide for our customers.

If you are looking for UK internet providers, we are here to help you moving forward.

Benefits of Faster Internet

When you have faster internet you will be able to do more in a shorter space of time. The time it takes to connect will be reduced and download speeds will improve also.

Depending on what you need to do with the internet will decide on what type of broadband package you need and how fast your internet will be. If you require a super speedy connection then you might need to go for a fibre optic or ethernet connection, rather than a standard ADSL connection.

Benefits of Better Security

If you are searching for an internet provider that puts safety first, you have come to the right place. I.T.S Telecom offers secure broadband packages for businesses to help protect them. It’s not just viruses you need to be careful about though, there are plenty of things to on guard against as a business owner:

  • Malware – This is ‘malicious software’ that can potentially harm your computer or monitor your usage without your consent. This includes viruses, worms, spyware, keyloggers and ransomware.
  • Hacking – APT (aka advanced persistent threat) attacks are attacks that gradually gain access to your system to steal personal information.
  • Phishing – Phishing scams will trick you into handing over personal information if you are not careful, so it’s important to be wary.
  • Inside Attack – Having good internet security generally won’t protect you against current or former employee data leaks, but it’s something to be cautious about.
  • DDos – A Distributed Denial of Service attack usually happens when bots ping too much information to your server in a short space of time and cause it to shut down.

Benefits of Improved Customer Service

I.T.S Telecom are always happy to help all customers, providing customer support when you need us most. Below, we have listed 3 of the key reasons why we believe our customer service is better than most:

  1. It’s nice to know that when you have a problem, it will be dealt with swiftly by a company that cares. As a dedicated internet provider, I.T.S Telecom are always on hand to answer any calls and questions regarding your business internet.
  2. We make it personal. With large internet providers, you don’t get the same level of care. You will often be put on hold and/or forgotten about and will usually speak to someone different each time.
  3. We help you to feel valued as a customer. For large providers you are just another number, but for I.T.S Telecom you become part of our family. We are here to answer all questions and make sure your internet experience runs and smoothly as possible from start to finish.



Can I keep my phone number if I switch broadband providers?

Most broadband providers will usually allow you to do this, providing you are not moving to a new house. Your current provider should be able to transfer your landline number to the new company according to Ofcom regulations.

Your new provider doesn’t have to accept the transfer, but it’s probably in their best interest to do so if they want you as a customer. It’s worth asking your new provider if they can make the transfer for you before signing any contracts.

An alternative to this would be VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), an internet based phone service which would allow you to port your current phone number to a VoIP service for a one-off cost.


Do I need to tell my current broadband provider I am switching?

Generally speaking, you won’t need to do any of the running about as your new provider will do this for you. In the past, you will have needed an authorisation code to give to your new provider to make the switch, but this is often no longer necessary.

The big exception to this is that it only applies to providers using the Openreach network, such as BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Plusnet and EE. When you are switching to or from a provider with its own network, such as ITS Telecom, you will need to get in touch with your current provider to cancel.


How long does it take to switch broadband?

The time taken when switching internet providers can vary depending on the ease of the transition. Some changeovers are extremely swift, but others can take longer. In some cases it might only take a couple of hours but for others it can take longer. The earlier you let both providers know about the switch, the smoother the transition should be.


Can you keep your email address if you switch providers?

It usually depends on your current internet provider. Some will let you keep your old email indefinitely and others will delete your address when you switch. It’s worth asking the questions before making any rash decisions.

Worst case scenario, you’ll have to inform a few people that your email address has changed.


Who is the best broadband provider?

The best broadband provider is the one that caters to your needs. When you are thinking about switching internet providers, it’s important to think about what you want to get out of it. Do you want faster download speeds? Do you want to save money? Take everything into consideration before making the switch and this will help you to find the best broadband provider to suit.


How can ITS Telecom become my Internet Provider?

If you are searching for a better internet provider, I.T.S Telecom can help you with your ambitions.

Contact us today to speak to someone regarding your business broadband and internet needs and will gladly talk to you about the best deals we have available.


Cancellation Fees

Most broadband providers will charge you a cancellation fee for switching early, especially if you are in a 12 month contract. It’s best to wait until your contract is finished to make the switch to avoid getting hit with this kind of problem. If you pay £18 a month, for example, and you still have 2 months left of your contract, you will likely have to pay a cancellation fee of around £36 to cover the two months remaining contract.

Some providers may help you out with any cancellation fees if you do want to switch before your contract is up. For example, EE will give you up to £50 credit.

New Line Needed

If your home doesn’t have a phone line, or needs one installing such as a fibre line or Virgin Media Cable. If you’re signing up to a new broadband or phone package, a new line can often be installed for free. Certain providers do charge for the labour though so be sure to check before you sign up or commit to a plan.

The bulk of any installation will be selecting where you would like the line installing indoor home, which may require a small amount of drilling. Other than that, the fitting of a new line is fairly simple and straightforward.

If your home requires a bit more work, your provider will let you know so you can make the appropriate arrangements.

Moving to a New House

If you are moving to a new house or flat, your provider will most likely let you take your contracted services with you, but if your contract is up or close to finishing, it may be a good opportunity to check out the deals that are available and find a better deal.

Provider Not Available in Area

Unfortunately some areas don’t have every type of broadband available. This is most likely the case with fibre broadband. If you’re moving to a new area and cant choose the provider you wanted too, the only solution is to check out the other providers in your new area and select the deal that is closest to the one you originally chose.

No Internet!

Switching your provider could leave with you with no internet for a short period of time, depending on the providers you are switching too and from, will depend on the amount of time your internet is down for.

If you’re switching between Openreach providers such as BT, EE, Now TV, Plusnet, Sky, TalkTalk, or Vodafone. Then you should only see a down time of a few minutes. However if you are switching to or from a provider with a different network such as Virgin Media, you may see a downtime of up to a few hours.

If you cant afford any downtime at all, a good solution is to pay a small fee for a dongle so you can connect to the internet using mobile broadband. You can simply purchase a dongle with a set amount of data on it so you can stay connected throughout the switch.

New Broadband Isn’t Very Good

New broadband connections can take a week or so to settle, so if you have only just switched and are seeing fluctuations in connectivity, then its best to wait a little while until its settled in.

However if you internet speeds are very slow for day one, then something may be wrong. Some providers have stronger signals and connections in certain areas compared to others, which may be playing a part in any slow speeds.

If you’re struggling to connect after a week or so of connecting, then the first step is to do a little troubleshooting. You should switch your router off and on again. If you’re using wifi, try connecting with an ethernet cable to see if that makes a difference.

If you have carried out these troubleshooting methods, then we recommend contacting your provider. If there is no solution that they can offer, then your are probably well within your rights to cancel without a penalty.

If you are within the first 14days of your contract, you are within the ‘cooling off’ period of your contract and can cancel your plan at any point in those 14 days.


Old Provider Still Charging

When you cancel your deal with your old provider, they will more often than not, charge you until the end of the month, thats normal. However if they continue to charge you past that period, then something is up.

You should have received a date for when your contract is up. Firstly, we recommend checking this date against your bills to see if there is any inconsistency. After this, we recommend getting in touch with your old provider and explaining the situation. Speaking to their customer service team, should resolve any issues. If it doesn’t then you will have to follow the providers complaints procedure.


My provider increased my bill as soon as switched to them

Some providers are sneaky and can increase your bill after you have switched over to them./ If this is the case and the amount that it has increased by is higher than the rate of inflation, then you should have received notice of the increase.

If you have been informed about the increase by letter or email, then you are entitled to leave or cancel within 30day of receipt of that communication without penalty fees.

That way you can check out the best deals and get yourself a new deal.