Non Geographical UK Numbers

Non-Geo Numbers

Non-geographical numbers are very useful business tools. These include 0800, 0845, 0870, 0871 numbers and each has there uses detailed below. We do not make a charge for setup on these standard numbers.

More About Non-Geo Telephone Numbers

Non-geographical numbers

Freephone 0800 & 0808, Caller pays nothing, Customers pays all costs:

  • Off site employees benefit through reducing phone bills.
  • Low-cost access to LANs and other secure systems.
  • Low-cost access to Charities or Support Groups.
  • Improves access to customer care and help-desk functions.

Local Rate 0845, Caller pays local rate, Customer pays less than Freephone rate:

  • Generates higher quality leads through deterring time wasters.
  • Saves caller money-company share cost of call with their customer.
  • Access to B2B sales functions.

National Rate 0870, Caller pays national rate, Customer pays nothing and receives rebate:

  • Revenue share opportunity.
  • Generates higher quality leads.
  • Helps subsidise others costs associated with services with low returns (fax, brochures and
  • information).

Fixed National Rate 0871, Caller pays up to 10p per min (inc VAT), Customer pays nothing and receives rebate:

  • Higher revenue share opportunity.
  • Higher off-peak and weekend revenue share.

Enhanced Call Plans include:

  • Time dependent routing.
  • Region Based Routing.
  • Call Distribution Forwarding.

Added Features and Benefits for Customers

  • Call Distribution – Can distribute calls according to size of offices/centres – balance call loads to maximise productivity.
  • Region Based Routing – Simplifies advertising one number can be used nationwide, promotes regionalisation of calls.
  • Time Dependent Routing – Alters routing so, between all offices and centres, and on all days and times, all calls can be answered effectively extends operating hours.
  • Call Forwarding – Sales enquiries will not be lost due to numbers being engaged and unavailable.

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