Low Cost Calls

Take Advantage of Low Cost Calls

If you are looking for low cost calls, ITS Telco can help.

Lower Cost Calls

ITS Telecom has helped hundreds of people to benefit from low cost calls in the UK, providing a service that allows you to enjoy cheaper call rates. Businesses from all over the UK have taken advantage of our helpful service which allows you to save money and enjoy low cost calls.

If you are a business owner looking for cheaper phone systems, you have come to the right place. Our CPS phone system means we can reduce the cost of your calls by taking over the routing of your calls through our very own network.


ITS Telecom can reduce your call costs by taking over the routing of your calls through our network. This is done by a system called Carrier Pre Select or CPS as its commonly known. This is done by a system called Carrier Pre Select or CPS as its commonly known. This is done at the BT exchange so there is no need to dial a prefix numbers to access our network. The process is seamless and you can keep the telephone numbers and services that you currently enjoy.

Our clients have saved many thousands of pounds just by using our service. The actual saving you will receive will depend on many factors but include the destination you are calling, length of each call and overall call spend. Using our bill comparison service we will show you your real life savings.

We only charge for what you use. No rounding up to nearest 30 seconds with us.

Why be charged 3.5p even if you are on the call for 5 seconds?

We can discount specific destinations if you call them a lot, to improve your savings.

We guarantee that you will speak with a human being and not voicemail or automated attendants.

To provide the actual savings that you will receive when you switch to ITS Telco, we will complete a bill comparison for you to show you the savings you could have made if we billed you. All you need to do is fax or email a copy of your latest bill and we will do the rest.

Find out how you can save money with lower cost calls.

Don’t be fooled by companies that will try to confuse the situation by offering “great deals” for one hour calls. Ask yourself, when were you last on the phone for an hour? In fact, the average UK business call is less than two minutes long, a long way away from the hour mark that will supposedly save you so much money…

Let us provide to you the ways we can save you money with low cost calls. Email of fax us your itemised bill and we will actually show you the money you could be saving by switching to the ITS Telco phone network for cheaper UK business call rates.

Save money on phone calls.

Customers who have made the switch to ITS Telco have benefited from great savings, which will continue to grow as time goes on. Low cost calls are just one of the excellent ways your business can save money, although you can also save money on broadband and a range of other business telecom services when you choose ITS Telco to help with your in-house communications.

As a company, we offer a broad range of call packages for businesses throughout the UK, including a range of deals that will help you to benefit from low cost calls and internet too.

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