Hosted Phone Systems: Words You Need To Know

Top 10 Words You Need To Know

Hosted phone systems can seem confusing, especially when it comes to some of the words and jargon involved. Don’t let that bother you though, once you know what some of the words mean, hosted phones will become much easier to understand. Some of the top words you need to know and their explanations are listed below.

1. Hosted Phone System

A hosted phone system is a means of communication that is hosted and operated, via a remote service provider, rather than on site as regular landlines are. This equates to less wires, more flexibility, and clearer conversations.

2. VoIP

VoIP stands for Voiceover Internet Protocol and it’s a term used to refer to internet phone usage. VoIP often refers to the provision of an Internet telephony network, and its service amongst users. Internet telephony means you’ll be communicating through a hosted phone system.

3. The Cloud

The Cloud, or cloud computing, is a term used to refer to hosted computing. Rather than storing data on site on your machines and their hard drives, information is stored remotely on a secure network. Cloud data makes sharing information much easier.

4. Virtual Phone Numbers

A virtual phone number is a telephone number without a directly associated landline. Rather than your business operating under the phone number that a phone company assigns to you, you use a virtual phone number with an area code of your choice. Using an 0800 number can create a much more professional look for your business and it can also encourage people to call you.

5. IP Deskphone

An IP Deskphone is an Internet Protocol Deskphone; any telephone, upon a workstation, that receives and makes calls over your hosted phone system.

6. PBX

A PBX, or private branch exchange, is a private telephone network that serves an entire company and its employees. Using a PBX means that external calls can be received and redirected within the company, while staff will have their own extension lines upon which to be reached directly.

7. SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking is a VoIP and media streaming service that enables a hosted phone system to work. It is the network by which such telephony services are delivered.

8. Mobile softphone

A mobile softphone is an app that allows you to connect a mobile phone or device to your hosted phone system. This means your mobile phone can make and receive calls via the hosted IP network. Having a mobile softphone is perfect for businesses that work on a mobile basis or across multiple locations.

9. Management Tool

Management tools allows you full control over your hosted phone system. Most management tools are web based and the online control panel will mean you can carry out things such as managing users and other administrative actions.

10. Hosted Dialler

A hosted dialler is a web-based, predictive dialler that will allows phone to dial out at a faster rate. Most hosted dialler systems are used in call centres and places that involve sales or cold calling. The dialler will stop once a phone connects to the user making the calls.