Internet Connectivity

Broadband Connections

ITS Telecom provides enterprise class managed broadband connections, including ADSL, Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC 80Mb), Ethernet First Mile (EFM), Generic Ethernet Access (GEA 20MB) and Fibre Ethernet from 5mbps to 1Gbps with Quality of Service (QoS) to facilitate the best performance for the VoIP products and any other services that need prioritisation. All our lease line come FREE SIP trunks as standard.

Depending on the throughput of the connection that is required, we have a range of broadband services that will suit your application. All our products come with static IP addresses included and give you the fastest speeds possible. We do not contend your connection in our network.

Business Broadband starts at just £14.99 a month and up to 1Gbps Ethernet connection from just £399 a month.

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Manage > I.T.S Telecom supplies the broadband router and it remains our responsibility so should it fail in anyway a replacement is provided immediately it also includes prioritized fault reporting.

Enhanced Care > This is a service level agreement that provides for quicker response to broadband faults and gives a 4hour response and 20hour fix.

Broadband Leased Line > Why not replace your ISDN based leased line with one of our broadband products above and we will permanently terminate the connection between your locations at a fraction of the cost of a lease line. Also you have the option to choose world wide web breakout as well.

IP Network > We can secure all your premises within your own fire-walled IP network providing fast and secure traffic between locations.

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