Business Start-up Communication Packages

Starting a business can be expensive but with the ITS Telecom Start-up Business Packages you do not have to worry about the most important part of a business – Communications!

Using our Packages you pay a one off setup fee followed by a small monthly payment and receive a host of communication services including phone system with telephone numbers, business broadband, domain name with email, everything you need to setup your business!

As a total communications provider ITS Telecom can supply your new business with feature rich products that will help you grow your business and keep costs to a minimum.

Your businesses using our extremely extensively featured phone system you will appear bigger and more professional even if you are working from home with Integration onto your Smart Mobile Phone you can make and receive calls as if you were in the office.

Choose telephone numbers from any dialling code in the UK or abroad. Use the numbers for marketing in other areas to appear local and keep an eye on marketing campaigns. Run multiple businesses on one phone system.

As you grow and you come to relocate just pick it all up and install at your new location. Keep the same number as we release you from the hold and restriction of BT exchanges.

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