11 Things that can Affect Office-based Businesses

If your work or manage an office, then you’ll fully understand all of the lows and highs that are involved with working in an office-based environment. Most office workers understand the frustration of getting over hump day or how that Friday feeling can affect the way you act.

Whether the week drags out or flies by like a blink of an eye, you’re sure to understand all the frustrations that can arise in office environments. There are a number of stresses that can come from working in an office, however there are also many factors that can contributes to a worker’s happiness.

11 Office Makes or Breaks

Whether you’re a business owner or office manager, it’s part of your role and responsibility to understand what might be affecting the office morale. Whilst some stresses might come and go, others will continue to affect your employees. It’s important to understand what they are and how they can affect people working in the office.

We took a look at a number of different factors and came up with the top 11 things that can make or break an office-based business. These top 11 things are listed below along with a few ways you can improve and overcome them.

1. Wall Colour

The colours of the walls might seem quite small to some people, but research has shown that the wall colour you choose can have an impact on the people working in the office. Dark colours, shades and tones are known for negativity. Whist light, bright and airy colours can create a more welcoming and positive environment, which contributes to the overall wellbeing of the people working there.

Trying to find the right balance of colours to promote a positive environment, whilst keeping it similar to the brand or style of the company can be difficult. Having a look into the best colours that work in an office, can help you to make a more informed decision.

Whilst the paint colour is important, making sure it’s tough and durable for the environment it’s used in is also important. Busy office spaces, might require an industrial strength paint which can provide extra protection against marks and scratches. Make sure you work out the amount of paint you’ll need correctly, to ensure you have enough to cover the whole office space./p>

Promain Paints are one of the leading providers of industrial and commercial paint. As experts they can help you to find the best and most suitable paint solution for your needs and the type of application it’s needed for.

2. Interior Design Features

Decorating your office is an important factor that contributes to the overall performance of the people working there. Having too much décor or features can seem like clutter or lead to people being distracted. On the other hand, not having enough stimulation can lead to the environment becoming stagnant and boring for the people working there. Having input from the people working in the office, can help to create a more effective and positive environment for the people working there.

Branding is a big point for any company and one of the most effective ways to promote a clear brand image is through signage. Most office signs are used on the exterior of the building, but having interior office signs will improve the overall look of your business and office environment. Your branding should be work continuously across both the inside and outside of your business. When a company doesn’t use branding, it creates an unprofessional looking office space. Knowing the best types of branding and signage can be difficult and that’s where Signstar come in.

Bad signage is never a good thing, when you choose to use signage it should meet the core values of your company. Finding a professional signage company will ensure your provided with expert advice and high quality signage products. A1deSIGNS offer a comprehensive range of professional office signage options to help brand your business. Whether you require branded wall wart or entrance signs or something else, there are a number of ways to spruce up the interior design of your office space.

3. Furniture

There’s nothing worse than sitting on a chair to find it’s broken or using a desk and it wobbling from side to side. Broken furniture will cause frustrations for the people using it and it could even be detrimental to their health. Having functioning, fun but practical office furniture is key to making an office space work.

When choosing new furniture for your office space, there a number of important things to consider. Some of which are:

  • Size
  • Need of the employee
  • Comfort
  • Functionality
  • Branded and Aesthetically Pleasing Look
  • Flexibility
  • Cleanliness
  • Cost

By taking all of these things into consideration, will help you to design an office that people enjoy working in. Fusion Office Design are specialists in the refurbishment and design of office spaces. They’ll work closely with you to help build the best and most workable office space for your requirements and budget.

4. Floor Coverings

Everyone walks across the floors in and office and that’s one of the reasons why it can make or break an office environment. Having grubby carpets or damaged flooring looks unpleasant and can lead to people feeling negative about the space they work in; it also doesn’t look great to any guests or visitors.

Flooring becomes tired overtime and the more people walking across it, the more worn it will become. Hiring a carpet cleaner can spruce up your existing carpet. Many office spaces now choose flooring options such as wood or tiles as they last longer and are more durable.

Henderson’s Flooring are one of the leading choices for commercial flooring, they offer a range of carpets, tiles and commercial flooring options. Working with them will help you to choose the best flooring for your requirements.

5. Air Circulation

Office that get too hot or too cold are uncomfortable to work in and can be a huge problem for anyone working in them. Offices with unregulated temperatures can rapidly decrease the work rate of the people working there. Any type of office space should have regulated room temperatures on a day to day basis, all year around. Having a decent air conditioning and heating system will help to achieve a more comfortable working environment.

Commercial air conditioning units are available in a range of size options ranging from small individual units to large industrial units. The type of air conditioning you require will depend on a number of factors such as the size of the office, the equipment you use and the amount of people working there. Envirocool will help you to choose the best type of air conditioning you’ll require for your office space.

6. Power Supply

Whilst most offices will have a stable power supply, it’s always important to have back up power. If you happen to suffer a power failure, you could lose important information or work that might not be retrievable. Bellwood Rewinds are one of the leading generator companies in the UK.

They are able to provide businesses with a range of back-up generators to customers in the commercial and industrial sector. So matter how big or small your office might be, they’ll find the best generator for you requirements. In addition Generator Pro also offer a range of affordable smaller back up power generators.

7. Internal & External Communication

Communications are integral to any type of office space and losing communications could break an office. If your computers or phone lines go down, then you need to have a reliable company you can call. Without the right communication structure, employees won’t be able to communicate internally or externally. If you lose the ability to talk to your customers, clients or even each other, then other problems could start to arise.

Having a solid communication infrastructure is essential for any office environment. Finding a reliable IT company like Eclipse ICT will ensure you have someone to call on if the network ever goes down. Sometimes the problem could be arising from your provider so you should consider switching your broadband and phone provider. ITS Telecom offer a range of packages which offer cheap and reliable broadband, phone systems and email hosting; helping to create a more stable communication network.

8. OS & Software

Companies will always rely on a particular operating system and software to make them operate more efficiently. Communications and software go together, so it’s vital to consider which operating systems and software you’ll be using. The right software can help to make things in the office run much smoother.

Some offices still rely on software that is out-dated, poor or no longer supported, this is when you need to consider upgrading. Dolphin Networks offer business development consultancy services for a range of software and operating systems. The most common types of software offices use are Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365 and Business Intelligence.

9. Security

Security affects all types of businesses not just offices. Most office spaces contain expensive technology and computing, so it’s important to protect them. Security can come in many forms and covers everything from security guards to CCTV and much more. Using security measures can help to encourage your employees to abide by the rules, whilst also protecting your office from external threats such as thieves.

Most types of businesses rely on traditional security measures such as security grilles, roller shutters and CCTV. Threats don’t just come in the form of people they also come from online. Securing your server, website and emails can help to protect against fraud, viruses and cyber hacks. QSec are security specialists who offer a range of security products such as roller shutters. If you’re interested in protecting your office premises against security threats then be sure to get in touch with them.

10. Printed Media & Marketing

Print media and marketing isn’t dead and it’s still extremely important to office-based environments. Whether it be in-house materials such as letterheaded paper or leaflets to distributes throughout the local area. Documentation should always be branded as it offers a professional look to people both in your office and outside of your office.

When it comes to needing a printing company, you can count on Wensum Print to design and print all types of printed media and marketing. Whether it’s branded office stationery or brochures, then they have you covered.

11. Illness Prevention

Offices are a breeding ground for illnesses especially during the winter or summer months. One of the biggest problems that all offices and businesses face is sickness. Once one person catches a big or virus, then it’s likely to spread around the office, especially when it comes to the flu. Falling ill can put people out of actions for days.

As a business, it’s important to promote health and hygiene in the workplace. Most businesses now offer flu vaccinations to employees, to help keep them healthy. Giving free flu vaccinations to your employees can help to drastically reduce the amount of sick time employees have of during the winter months.

Broadgate GP offer workplace flu vaccinations are part of their vast range of GP services. As one of the leading providers of private health care, they’ll that all the employees in your office receive an up to date flu vaccination.