Non-geographical numbers are very useful business tools. These include 0800, 0845, 0870 and 0871 numbers and each has there uses detailed below. We do not make a charge for setup on these standard numbers.

Non-geographical numbers
0800 & 0808
Caller pays nothing
Customer pays all costs
Off-site employees benefit through reducing phone bills
Low-cost access to LANs and other secure systems
Low-cost access to Charities or Support Groups
Improves access to customer care and helpdesk functions
Local Rate 0845
Callers pays local rate
Customer pays less than freephone rate.
Generates higher quality leads through deterring time wasters
Saves caller money-Company share cost of call with their customer
Access to B2B sales functions
National Rate 0870 Callers pays national rate
Customer pays nothing and receives a rebate
Revenue share opportunity
Generates higher quality leads
Helps subsidise other costs associated with services with low returns (fax, brochures and information)
Fixed National Rate 0871
Callers pays up to 10p per min (inc VAT)
Customer pays nothing and receives a rebate
Higher revenue share opportunity
Higher Off-peak and Weekend revenue share
Enhanced Call Plans include Time Dependent Routing
Region Based Routing
Call Distribution Call Forwarding
Features Benefits for customer
Call Distribution Can distribute calls according to size of offices/centres - ballance call loads to maximise productivity.
Region based routing Simplifies advertising one number can be used nation wide. promotes regionalisation of calls.
Time dependant routing Alters routing so, between all offices and centres, and on all days and times, all calls can be answered effectively extends operating hours.
Call forwarding Sales enquires will not be lost due to numbers being engaged and unavailable.