Hosted Sharepoint

SharePoint 2010 Foundation From only £4.16 a month

Hosted SharePoint is a versatile technology that organizations and business units of all sizes can use to help teams to stay connected across organisational and geographical borders and give people access to the information they need.

Within minutes you will be able to create a highly integrated platform that is accessible from anywhere via any Internet browser with the access details of your MS Exchange mailbox with us. SharePoint 2010 Foundation compliments and closely integrates with the MS Exchange 2010 platform and many of our hosted Exchange customers are already using a hosted SharePoint solution and like them you might use it for:-

  • creating an intranet
  • sharing information
  • managing projects
  • bringing teams in different locations closer together
  • managing documents

SharePoint 2010 Foundation: Features and benefits

Depending on your needs we are able to offer you three different packages: GenStarter, Gen5 and Gen25. The table below gives you an overview on the features included in the different packages:

SharePoint FeaturesSP GenStarterSP Gen5SP Gen25
Storage 100MB 5GB 25GB
Minimum Contract 1 month 1 month 1 month
Number of users unlimited* unlimited* unlimited*
24x7 Support q q q
99.9% Uptime Guarantee q q q
NEW: Multi-browser support - use Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari, etc according to your preferences q q q

You will be able to create and use:

  • Sites - Let your people create any type of site (within their permission settings of course) from team sites for colleagues to project sites for collaboration between different departments.
  • Libraries - Within your sites create resource libraries for your staff to access company wide information or project related data within a specific project site.
  • Webparts - Within your sites insert interactive and predefined webparts into your sites. This includes the creation of shared calendars, task lists, announcement sections, and shared documents.

Share information across your entire organisation effectively and easily accessible anywhere

q q q
NEW: Improved user interface that allows easy navigation and editing of documents via the ribbon tool bar that your users will be used to from working in Microsoft Office 2010 q q q

*Sharepoint can only be used with MS Exchange accounts hosted by ITS Telecom so please remember to order Exchange for each user if that is not the case.

Here are some of the many benefits of using a hosted SharePoint solution: :-

  • improved team productivity: SharePoint 2010 Foundation helps you to connect your people with the information and documents they actually need for their business to make informed decisions and to get the job done. Users can create workspace, coordinate work schedules, share documents, track tasks and receive important notifications and can plan their business days accordingly. Users on the move can take advantage of offline synchronisation capabilites.
  • document management to ensure content integrety: with enhanced document management capabilities including the option to activate required document checkout before editing, the ability to view revisions to documents and restore to previous versions, and the control to set document- and item-level security, SharePoint 2010 Foundation can help ensure the integrity of documents stored on team sites.
  • greater control over business critical resources: SharePoint provides IT departments with advanced administrative controls for increasing the security of information resources as permissions can be set as deep down as the document or item level, and site managers, teams, and other work groups can initiate their own self-service workspaces and tasks within these preset parameters.
  • robust storage capabilities: with SharePoint you can provide a more robust document storage environment with document storage, retrieval and version-control features that are built in to the team work spaces.
  • a collaboration environment quickly and easily set-up with minimal training requirements for users: SharePoint enables IT departments to deploy a scalable collaborative environment with minimal administrative time and effort. Since SharePoint integrates with familiar productivity tools, including programs in the Microsoft Office system users can easily get up to speed and little training is required to introduce this collaboration platform in the day to day business operations.


SharePoint PricingMonthly (£)Annual (£)
SharePoint GenStarter* 4.99
+ 9.99 set up
+ 9.99 set up
SharePoint Gen5* 9.99
+ 24.99 set up
+ 24.99 set up
SharePoint Gen25* 49.99
+ 24.99 set up
+ 24.99 set up
Extra Space for SharePoint Gen25 (5GB)** 9.99 99.90

*Sharepoint can only be used with MS Exchange accounts hosted by ITS Telecom so please remember to order Exchange for each user if that is not the case.
** You need to own at least SharePoint Gen25 to add additional space.