Hosted IP Phone System

Hosted IP Phone System  - Work Smarter & Save Money with Unified Communications

With the ITS Telecom Hosted IP Phone System, the call quality and performance is the same as it is across today’s ISDN phone network. However, the added flexibility and functionality introduced by our Next Generation Networks technologies will enhance your efficiency and simplify phone system management. Our Hosted IP Phone System is a completely managed replacement for your current business phone system. You keep your existing telephone numbers and benefit from FREE site to site calls, Low capital Outlay, Save money on line rentals and have more functionality.

Using the best high definition phones available from CISCO, Polycom, Siemens & Yealink we ensure that call quality and clarity is the best! Coupled with our Voice Enabled Broadband you can get more lines at less money than ever before.

Implementation of our Hosted IP Phone System is easy just needing a good quality broadband preferably our own Voice Enabled and monitored broadband. Choose the number of phones you need and we will do the rest. We port your existing number onto the phone system or provide you with other numbers if required. The transition is seemless with NO downtime or interference to your calls. We manage the whole process including training.

Try our 30 day trial to see how good it really is. Contact us for more information on 0203 793 7677 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Benefits Include:

  • Keep your existing phone numbers
  • Zero rated calls to other users on our network
  • Zero rated calls bewtween your sites including home workers and remote branches anywhere in the world
  • Low Capital Cost to install compared to traditional legacy systems
  • Easily scaled up and down
  • Lower rated calls
  • Lower Line Rentals
  • Use any UK or International Numbers
  • Use one number for all your sites
  • Work remotely as if you are in the office from home or your smart mobile device
  • Own Self Serve Portal login
  • Use any device

Who is it aimed at?

  • One Extension up to 1,000 Extensions over multiple sites.
  • From Small SOHO businesses right up to International corporates alike.
  • Retail stores – Help reduce the number of phone lines per shop and reduce the cost of calls between stores. Popular with convenience stores, garden centres, wine shops etc.
  • Small office chains – such as estate agents and recruitment companies where inter-office calls are high, and measuring telephone productivity is important.
  • Home workers – Works well in the home environment and allows calls to be transferred seamlessly, whether your home is close to the business or in another country.
  • Remote or international office – Linked in to the UK businesses with UK phone numbers. Inter-company calls are FREE.

Features Include:

  • Unlimited auto-attendant                                                        
  • Voicemail & Voicemail to email
  • Auto-answer
  • Music on Hold
  • Call Queuing
  • Call Groups
  • Call Routing/Time of Day
  • Call divert
  • Hunt Groups
  • Call Recording
  • Conference Room
  • Mobile Twinning
  • Mobile App
  • Emergency 999 Calls included
  • Unified Communications Software