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MS Exchange 2010... From only £1 per month

Microsoft Exchange, the email, contact and calendar solution delivers reliable, scaleable, next generation groupware for companies and organisations of all sizes. Microsoft Exchange Hosting is an extremely cost effective solution for businesses who want advanced messaging tools without heavy IT investments. Simply connect to our hosting servers for e-mail and other collaboration tools. No Servers or infrastructure needed at your side! The BEST Email system available today.

Thinking of upgrading to hosted Exchange 2010? Find out what's new in the latest version of hosted Microsoft Exchange.

If you are one of our existing customers using MS Exchange 2007 mailboxes please click here for further information on the process of upgrading your mailbox(es) to hosted Exchange 2010.

Sign up today and get 25GB of storage with our best selling Exchange Classic package!

Automatic and easy setup backed by Full UK Friendly Support means you're up and running in minutes!!

MS Exchange: Features and benefits

Benefits of using ITS Telecom hosted exchange:

  • First UK hoster for fully featured Exchange 2010
  • 24/7 Friendly UK support – get easy to understand, genuine help when you need it!
  • 99.9% network uptime guarantee – you can rely on your SMS email
  • SPAM filtering - Don't waste time on unnecessary emails
  • Anti virus protection – Reduce risk of infection
  • Your choice of domain – Personalise your email addresses
  • Get 1 GB, 25GB of disc space, or unlimited storage1 with Exchange Executive, per mailbox – remember with Outlook the server is storing Inbox, Sentbox and all attachments (and contacts, calendars and notes as well if you are using the Essentials, Classic and/or Executive package).
  • All your mailbox data is backed up and held on the server – add new devices or replacements and data is synced up again, it doesn't need to be re-entered. Data is not lost if you lose or damage your PC, laptop or mobile device2.
  • Not All Exchange offerings are the same! ITS Telecom's include FULL2 Exchange functionality with no hidden costs
  • Truly useful Help and Advice on which mobile device or system will work best from our superb UK support team.
  • Constantly updated and tested with all the latest devices, iPhone, iPad, iPad2, Android, WebOS, Symbian, Windows phone 7 and more!

Depending on your needs we are able to offer you four different packages: Basic, Essentials, Classic and Best Value, unlimited space 1 Executive. The table below gives you an overview on the features included in the different packages:

Exchange Package ComparisonBasicEssentialsClassicExecutive
Storage 1GB 1GB 25GB unlimited1
Minimum Contract 12 month 12 month 1 month 1 month
Outlook Web App (OWA) - now even more like Outlook. q q q q
Server stores all your data available for use however you access your mailbox q q q q
Provides on-line calendar and contacts q q q q
Access your email, calendar, and contacts from any device (including compatible mobile phones) and you can choose to share with colleagues. q q q q
Calendar scheduling included for setting up meetings with clients and colleagues. only via OWA q q q
Apple Mac support – users tell us it is the best! q q q q
Free! your choice of Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010 (RRP: £ 89.99) q q q q
Free! Microsoft Entourage or Outlook for Mac, get the latest version for Mac OS X! -
(RRP:£ 89.99)
q q q q
Full support for Windows Mobile including the latest push technology - read your emails and update your calendar on your mobile device. q q q q
Full support for iPhone and iPad devices! q q q q
Instantly access historical messages anywhere - built-in message indexing capabilities make locating messages quick and easy. q q q q
Out of office assistant. q q q q
BlackBerry BES available with SMS Blackberry addon q q q q
Advanced Anti Spam Optional Optional Optional Included

1 subject to fair use policy
2 NB: Only on MS Exchange Essentials, Classic, and Executive packages.

Do you have a large organisation and need a dedicated server just for your organisation? Have a look at the Dedicated MS Exchange Server Option.

Great Value Pricing:

  • Starts at only £ 12.00 /year for each mailbox with Basic package! (That's less than £ 0.04 a day!)
  • Great value offer! Get two months free if you buy Classic or Executive on annual1.
  • Dedicated Server Option for larger organisations –  £ 299 set up and £ 299 per month or BEST VALUE annual account for £ 299 set up and £ 2990 – £ 249 a month! Let us configure and look after a server just for you!
Exchange Pricing           Monthly               Annual
MSE Basic Mailbox with 1GB storage2 n/a 12.00
MS Exchange Essentials Mailbox with 1GB storage2 n/a 39.90
MS Exchange Classic Mailbox with 25GB storage 5.99 59.90
MS Exchange Executive Mailbox unlimited3 storage 9.99 99.90

Hosted MS Exchange 2010 provides you with great flexibility for your business email solution. To increase your productivity further the following add-ons are available for MS Exchange:-

Exchange Optional Add-ons Monthly (£)Annual (£)
This hosted service is based on Postini® provides a comprehensive archiving solution that also includes the FutureSpam anti virus and anti spam protection. This is priced on a per mailbox basis.
2.69 26.90
This award-winning service protects and secures your email infrastructure from malicious attacks including spam, email viruses and directory harvest attacks. This is priced on a per mailbox basis. Please note that this service is included in the Exchange Executive package!
0.79 7.90
BlackBerry Enterprise Server for full Hosted Exchange
Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server is the ideal wireless solution for businesses that are already outsourcing their email systems. This solution seamlessly integrates with your hosted corporate email and allows you to leverage the services your hosting provider offers to get your email wirelessly.
free free
MS Exchange Disclaimer
This server option allows the automatic addition of your own customised disclaimer or signature to all outgoing emails sent by our MS Exchange server.
This is priced on a per domain basis.
+ 24.99 set up
+ 24.99 set up
1 annual payments apply only to 12 month contracts
2 does not include a user license for Outlook or Entourage
3 subject to fair use policy

All prices subject to VAT.